Event Attendance

IoT Nexus™ allows you to deliver a truly unique and personalised experience to your event attendees.

Offer your clients and prospects the option to purchase tickets to an event with the IoT Nexus™ Shopping Experience or via the IoT Nexus™ Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System. Once these purchases have been processed the attendee’s ticket/access pass can be automatically sent through to them as a Wallet item along with an calendar entry. The Wallet item contains a QR code that can be used by the IoT Nexus™ Wallet Scanner on the day to speed up and simplify the registration process.

When attendees arrive at the event they are able to automatically be sent notifications and information about the event as soon as they walk within the Geo-Fence that is placed around the event. This information might include event schedules that are tailored based on the profile of the individual attendee as well as location maps that are tailored based on the attendees proximity to various Bluetooth beacons positioned around the place. You can also provide Wi-Fi access to attendees without providing them the access point encryption key.